The Power of The Sun


Next time you get a really big electricity or gas bill, your thoughts may turn to solar panels. Wouldn't it be good if you could catch all the power you need from the Sun? Millions of people already do get their energy this way, though mostly in the form of heat rather than electricity.

Solar thermal panels are one of the most efficient renewable technologies going, which use sunlight to produce hot water, have been commonplace for decades.

Even in relatively cold, northern climates, solar hot-water systems can chop significant amounts off your fuel bills. Typical systems generate anything from 10–90 percent of your hot water and pay for themselves in about 10–15 years (even sooner if you're using them for something like a swimming pool). Let's take a closer look at how they work!

They can be a great partner for any system and is one of the most cheapest running renewables.

We are now using solar thermal systems to assist heat pumps for heating, even in the winter months.