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Renewable Heat

I personally have been installing, repairing and maintaining heating systems for over 30 years. In that time I spent a few years working for one of the worlds leading heat pump manufactures Daikin, this gives us extensive knowledge of Ground and Air Source Heat Pump type systems and we consider ourselves specialists in these technologies.
We can help you with designing all your plumbing and heating requirements for that dream house or extension your building, or if your old system is due for an update, we can look over the options to help you make your system more efficient and greener then ever with the latest energy efficient technologies and controls.

The Power of The Sun

The most abundant source of energy available to the planet is solar energy. It provides life, heat and powers our home,  planet earth. The fossil fuels we use on a day to day basis for our homes and powering our cars is rotted plant matter grown millions of years ago using the sun's energy. In fact, if you could harness the solar energy hitting the earth for just one hour, you could power the entire planet for over a year!


Unfortunately due to population growth and supply not only are fossil fuels becoming more expensive they are the biggest contributor to global warming, which  by the latest studies is escalating far faster then ever anticipated. Which, left un checked will  threaten the lives of millions of people around the globe and make life a lot more expensive in most first world nations like or own.


The good news is that due to advances in modern technology generating your own clean energy using the sun is easier more efficient than ever, this will also significantly reduce the financial cost of buying energy as costs increase. In the UK alone more than one million domestic installations have been commissioned since 2010  alone, with double than forecast in the next five years.


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